Intelligent Analytics for Factory Energy Efficiency

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Maxbyte Technologies Private Ltd has been working towards industrial product lifecycle and innovative business models through effective intelligent digital technology solutions.

Srikanth M, Data Science Technologist presented a technical paper discussing about Energy related industrial problems and case studies in I-4AM 2019 conference organized by the Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing, Indian Institute of Science, under its CEFC on I4.0India@IISc (Smart Factory) within the SAMARTH Udyog Bharat 4.0 program of the Department of Heavy Industries, Government of India.

Presentation in a nutshell!

“Energy Analytics for factory energy efficiency is one of the key improvement process for machinery and equipment in the establishment of Smart manufacturing. Currently, the manufacturing industries are in need of upgrade towards the benefits that extend beyond just production of goods into functions like planning, supply chain logistics and even product development. In that context, Energy flexibility and efficiency are becoming more important than just automation. Energy consumption reduction and sustainability are important for companies with respect to high price for energy and planned phasing-out of nuclear power. Companies should be able to analyze the current energy wastage and predict the energy consumption. Strategies need to be framed towards overcoming these obstacles. This paper discusses a real time problems through a case study includes, descriptive, diagnostic analysis and explains further about the impacts of building a predictive analytics for energy system”.