energy analytics

How manufacturing industries efficiently work based on the energy analytics

  Energy management has risen to the top of the worldwide discussion for manufacturing industries businesses, as it is critical not just for generating profits but also for planning and tracking environmental projects. Most industries are finding a way to improve their production with a cost reduction.  Energy — includes power, gasoline, and other forms of energy – […]
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How IoT enabled bulk milk chiller solution works

  Digital technologies have been always changing, and organizations want to stay ahead of the curve to gain a competitive advantage. Due to this relentless technological advancement, many Industries transformed to Industry 4.0 and efficiently improved their production.  The IoT enabled bulk milk chiller is discovered to pave a new way for the industries to gain valuable insights, store the bulk data, improving efficiency, and in enhancing production.  Therefore, […]
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Top 11 Features of Digital Assembly Management System

Digital Assembly Management System solution helps the manufacturing industries by providing the top 11 features to work rapidly and efficiently. The solutions connect people with technology to help them understand operations and respond faster. It also provides a plant floor for seamless management across a company.  Digital Assembly OLE Analytics  Digital material entry with RFID/Barcode sticker mapped with material attributes such as part No, Model NO, worker […]
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Kaizen at Maxbyte

WHAT IS KAIZEN?     A small change can make lives better- Is this really works?  Let’s get started to know the true nature.  The term “KAIZEN” is derived from the Japanese word KAI- Change, ZEN- Good. These two terms stand together to give a single meaning “improvement.” Furthermore, it entails continuous improvement in one’s – personal, domestic, social, and professional lives. When it comes to […]
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How Does Digital Assembly Management System Work

Digital Assembly Management System  The born of new technologies, and the rise of the aggressive demand from the customer changed the manufacturers to adopt the new technologies in their industries, by this way, smart technologies started to begin. Industries started implementing these smart technologies on their firms and have also seen massive growth.  In contrast, the smart Digital Assembly Management system has brought […]
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AR IIoT Integrated System (2)

Increase Assets Uptime By Using AR IIoT Integrated System

Humans are finding a solution for every impossible fact, so increasing assets uptime is now possible using AR and IIoT integration. However multiple sectors in this world are using the Industrial IoT (IIoT) and the Augmented Reality (AR) to make things happen in digital. Let’s find out the solution for the challenges that industries are facing today.   […]
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