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We offer end to end closed loop and smart robotics solutions across the industrial enterprise operations

Increased Productivity

Improved Quality and Consistency

Enhanced Safety

Cost Reduction

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Industrial Autonomy Maturity

We help enterprise to map the current state of autonomous maturity, analyze gap, develop transformation roadmap, build technology architecture, develop cross functional team and develop business case for return on investment.

Industrial Automation to Industrial Autonomy

We helps industries to be autonomous, efficient and productive using technologies like autonomous mobile robots, cobots, industrial automation, adaptive controls systems


Humans are responsible for safe operations, assisted by traditional automation system


A mixture of autonomous and automation assets with human orchestration

Autonomous Orchestration

The facility operates autonomously, synchronized to optimize operations and safety under most circumstances

Autonomous Operations

The facility is completely autonomous including process operations, supply chain, etc.
MARC Robotics AMR
Autonomous Mobile Robots

Software and Hardware Platform to transform manual vehicles into driverless industrial vehicles

Unleashed capabilities, transforming processes and effectiveness in warehouse and logistic operations in manufacturing industries.

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