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Proof of Value

    If an industrial enterprise is having a structured assessment and defined roadmap for the industry 4.0 transformation, next steps would be a proof of value.

    Unlike Proof of Concept (PoC), which proves a concept will work, Proof of Value (PoV) takes a deeper dive into the value of that solution for an organization to justify adoption and measure success. Experiencing industry 4.0 technologies and solutions Proof of Value will help to better understand the anticipated value the solution will bring to the business. Proof of Value will help to take decision which are the problems and solutions are priority and can scale for the enterprise wide.

    Below are the maxbyte’s cost effective Proof of Value packages in digital, robotics and sustainability for the industrial enterprise to quickly implement, experience the technologies’ impact, get buy in from stake holders and scale faster.

Industry 4.0 Technologies Proof of Value - Maxbyte

Maxbyte Offering For
Proof of Value

Improve OEE, Reduce Machine Down Time, Energy Efficiency


Digital Manufacturing Foundation Apps

1. Production Planning & Job Management
2. Real-time OEE analytics & Downtime Management
3. Paperless Preventive Maintenance
4. Real-time Machine Condition Monitoring & Diagnostics
5. Paperless Quality Audit System
6. Real-time Energy Monitoring
7. ERP integration

  $100 per machine per month

Bytefactory Maxbyte
Improve Product Uptime, Better Customer Experience, Grow Service Revenue


Digital Product Service Foundation Apps
  1. Real time Product Condition Monitoring & Diagnostics
  2. Paperless Preventive Service Management
  3.  ERP/CRM Integration

  $30 per machine per month

Bytefactory smart connected product foundation apps - Maxbyte
Reduce Asset Down Time, Reduce Field Visit, Reduce Service Operations Cost

AR based Remote Assistance

AR Remote Assistance transforms field service dynamics, boosting productivity and efficiency. Technicians access real-time expert guidance, reducing downtime and enhancing preventive maintenance speed. Detailed AR instructions minimize errors, slashing waste and rework, optimizing resource use. Its operational efficiency ensures timely deliveries, meeting customer expectations. Overall, integration of AR in field services elevates productivity, reduces costs, and guarantees punctual product and service delivery.

  $500 per MS HoloLen per month

AR based Remote Assistance - Maxbyte
Worksforce Efficiency, Reduce Asset Down Time, Improve Productivity

AR based Work Instruction

AR-based user manuals with DIY troubleshooting for various industries. These manuals are designed to provide augmented interactive 3D objects with step-by-step instructions for just-in-time learning and improved service efficiency. They also include warnings, prerequisites, and safety instructions for every service task to ensure safety. The benefits of these manuals include lower training costs, higher first-time fix rates, and less time spent on seeing, reading, and understanding the procedures for complex functions, safety, and service instructions.

  $500 per MS HoloLen for 10 work Instructions per month

AR based work instructions - Maxbyte
Quick Learning, Workforce Efficiency, Improve Health & Safety

VR based Training

VR-based training for operation and safety. The training is designed to provide an interactive and realistic simulation of practical knowledge with a safe virtual environment. It is cost-effective and has more knowledge retention

  $250 per VR Device for 10 Training Scenarios per month

VR based training - Maxbyte
Reduce Operating Cost, Improve Productivity, Improve Safety

Autonomous Mobile Robots

At Maxbyte Advanced Robotics Centre (MARC), develop, innovate, manufacture, and manage AMRs as robots as a service for intelligent automated driverless solutions and relevant industrial mobility operations. provides

  • Autonomous Trolley
  • Autonomous Pallet Truck
  • Autonomous Industrial Cleaning
  • Autonomous Platform

  Starts from $1000 per AMR per month

autonomous mobile robots - Maxbyte
Reduce Carbon Footprint, Adhere to Compliances

Sustainability Digital Platform

Unify organization’s climate action and data for seamless accounting, reporting and insights.
Enterprise software suite to measure, manage and minimize your carbon, water, energy and environment footprint. All that you need in your journey to achieve net zero goal.
Measure carbon (Scope 1, 2, 3) water, energy, waste and environmental footprint with accuracy Report generation using framework like BRSR (Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting) Manage and demonstrate compliance to environmental regulations like CPCB, EPA, CSRD, SFDR Set target, reduce climate impact (emissions, water and waste) and track progress to achieve net zero vision

  $50 per user per month

Maxbyte Sustainability

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