Digitalization - Robotization - Decarbonization

m. Digital


Our digitalization products and services helps enterprises to be visible, transparent, predictive and adaptive using technologies like IIOT, AI, RPA, XR, Blockchain, Cloud, Edge Devices, Workflow, Enterprise Apps

m. Autonomous

Industrial Automation to Industrial Autonomy

Our Industrial Autonomous products and services helps industries to be efficient and productive using technologies like autonomous mobile robots, cobots, industrial automation, adaptive controls systems

m. Sustainability

Decarbonization & net zero transition

Our sustainability products and services helps enterprises to capture carbon footprint, energy efficiency program, renewable energy transition and carbon offsets

m. Training

Upskilling & Career Development in
Industry X.0

We provide training and tools to help the industrial enterprises and aspiring professionals career towards industry 4.0 transformation

Our integrated and intelligent solutions are for the real-world industrial challenges

We are committed to deliver values to our customers in their technology transformation, adaption and return on investment

Optimize Operational Cost

Maximize Revenue Growth

Increase Asset Efficiency

Net Zero Energy Transition

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Tata Sons Private Limited’s experience with Maxbyte’s The Factory Science Industry 4.0 Championship Program which helped them to be successfully kickstart their Industry 4.0 journey.

Making a difference in the future of industries

Our Industry 4.0 Discovery program

Industrial Technology Transformation Index (ITTI) Assessment

The ITTI Assessment is to revolutionize manufacturing industrial practices by fostering awareness, accelerate innovation, driving increased competitiveness through the adoption of smart manufacturing solutions, learn more

Industry 4.0 Transformation Roadmap Program
Transformation Roadmap

Enabling a data-driven industrial enterprises, identifying technology partners for collaborative definition, and implementing a seamless digital transformation across Industrial business processes learn more

Proof of Value

byteFACTORY trial on digital manufacturing use cases help manufacturers to get experience, embrace proof of value and accelerate digital transformation learn more

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