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Mobile Apps have become part and parcel of our day to day life. Starting from booking a cab to learning. So obviously mobile apps are inevitable. And particularly when it comes to IoT, mobile apps play a vital role in creating a better user experience whether it is a home automation or monitoring a whole manufacturing industry. The best part is user can view the overall outline as well as the detail view of what he needs to monitor and to control irrespective of their location.

In that way Thingworx, one of the leading IoT platform paves way to tremendous insights on data in the form of IoT. It changes the very way the industry operates. When it comes to mobile application, Thingworx provides way to get the data from web app and present into a mobile application. This can be developed using android studio using REST API. The mobile app requests the Thingworx server in post or get methods using http and the data can be viewed easily.

The data can be viewed in several forms as per the requirements. And the data can be viewed as trends and at the same time the alerts can be created to notify users on threshold times. This technology can transform the way industries operate. And the interesting thing is Thingworx can make all these features simple and tremendous. It is simple to use and yet powerful.