UI Development Made Easy By Thingworx

UI development

UI and UX design are critically important for IoT (or Internet of Things) web application. After you’ve spent your time on building a product and prepared it for selling in the market, there is one more crucial step before your product becomes successful. While having an excellent product is paramount, in today’s market it often is not enough to keep you ahead of the curve. That is the main reason why UI & UX Development plays a crucial role in success of the product. Everyone paying attention to this area of business technology seems to agree that “UX (or user experience) and UI (or User Interface) seems to be something which is wholly necessary for the creation of a top quality IoT application”.

Thingworx is an IoT application development platform which makes UI and UX design easy and reduces development time. Traditionally it is believed that UI development needs coding knowledge. The feature drag and drop makes UI and UX development in Thingworx lot easier. When we look at UI development in Thingworx Platform all we need to do is, select our widget and drag them into the panel. Widget is not limited, we can develop our own widget and can import it in Thingworx Platform. One valuable feature in Thingworx platform is everything we created is generic i.e., we can use previous developed UI for multiple project which reduces great amount time in IoT application development.