Steps to configure Zebra RFID bluetooth devices with mobile app

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The first thing most of us do to begin our day is mostly by looking on our mobile phones. This shows how mobile technology has influenced our lives in many ways.This not only for the end users but also for the industries too. With the coming of IoT this becomes even bigger and bigger day by day. And of course there are many real life examples where IoT plays a key role.

Some of the examples are production monitoring and diagnostics, fleet management etc., particularly in assembly line monitoring where the production takes place, this helps a lot. So IoT is emerging as the new era of technology for sure. This solves many practical difficulties in assembly monitoring.

We have delivered an assembly line monitoring & diagnosis solution to our client. In this, the the RFID Readers are used. For this solution we developed a mobile app. This app connects with the RFID Reader and the tag. The mobile app connects and gets the data from the RFID reader via Bluetooth.

So the respective assembly stations are scanned with their own RFID tags. As the scan progresses the data will be sent to the server. Using this data we can get many insights of the assembly line.

In this way the efficiency of the work in industry especially in a production environment can be greatly enhanced. The performance can be viewed easily. In this way the mobile apps are greatly helped in solving the problem.