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maxbyte technologies AR IIOT

The industrial digital transformation is increasing asset efficiency, optimizing operating costs and maximizing revenue growth for the industrial and manufacturing enterprises. This transformation from inspiration to implementation required effective cross-functional competent digital team who can understand the industry 4.0 / digital concepts & frameworks, industrial processes, standards, data science, reliable technology, implementation process, and soft skills.

Maxbyte Industrial Digital Services Framework and Maxbyte The Factory Science certification trained competent team of critical roles who together harmonize the successful transformation for the enterprise business values.

All the above roles work across the industry 4.0 maturity from connectivity, visibility, transparency, predictability and autonomous system. This team is driven by the  digital governance system  and continuously measure, analyse, improve and control the system and mitigate the risks.

These trained competent roles works across the digital technology stack from OT, OT-IT integration, on-prem/cloud infrastructure, IIOT platform, web/mobile applications, data science and augmented reality system. And ensure the digital system operational, adapted and maintained for high uptime and reliable data aggregation.

Maxbyte digital transformation team and roles are competent enough in technology, soft skills, deep domain knowledge, task management, continuous improvement and innovation.

Maxbyte is now 100+ talents and counting more to accelerate industry 4.0 to build the future of Industries. To know more about our digital team competency and end-to-end industry 4.0 solutions please contact us.

How competent are you in Industrial Digitization technology and management? Find out using our free digitization competency skill test!

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