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Industry X.0 Intrapreneurship Accelerator Program

Maxbyte Technologies Industry X.0 Intrapreneurship Accelerator Program was completed on 2nd May 2022.

Program deliverables in last 4 weeks:
-Identified 10 industries painful problems
-Identified 10 Maxbyte employees as intrapreneurs
-Identified accelerator partner Cultiv8 (CIET – TBI)
-All 10 intrapreneurs attended: 10+ 90 mins coaching sessions, 10+ assignments, 10+ hours business planning and pitch deck preparation and 10+ hrs of reviews with Maxbyte management and Cultiv8 mentors
-Identified 4 expert panellist to review the business plan
-All 10 intrapreneurs presented their business plan and pitch deck with 4 expert panellist and received appreciation and value feedback for improvement.

Expected outcome from this program in next 12 to 18 months in Maxbyte:
-50+ employment opportunity
-200+ customers would onboarded for the 10 products
-$250,000 funds to be raised for these 10 products business plan
-Entire program is expected to increase Maxbyte’s sales by 3x and valuation by 2x

All these growth opportunities are from the efforts of Maxbyte’s intrapreneurs so Maxbyte founding team decided to award ESOP to the 10 intrapreneurs. Many thanks and congratulations to the intrapreneurs.

Maxbyte management team decided to conduct Industry X.0 Intrapreneurship Accelerator Program twice in a year (six months once) to accelerate Maxbyte’s innovation, continuous process improvements and more than a job culture.

Our 10 Passionate Intrapreneurs:
Madhu Sudan Gopal
Revathy Jayakumar 
Gift Selvin T 
Gowresh Rajagopal 
Jeno Rex Antony S 
Lakshmanan Kannappan 
Praveen Raja
Manikandan N
kalaivani Ramasamy

Our Accelerator Partner Cultiv8 Mentors
Srisakthi Karthikeyan
Seshadri Krishnan
Hemant Pawaskar

Our Enthusiastic Expert Panellist on Pitch Day
Dr. Kumaran Rangaswamy
Christine Vincent
M Chidambaram
Ambreesh Iyer

Program Coordinators
Sriram Shanmugasundaram
Prakash P
Sarith Chandramohan
sinju babu

Program Founder
Ramshankar C S