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How Digital Is Your Manufacturing?

The information revolution has led to the digital revolution which has completely transformed every aspect of businesses. The extent of digital transformation has been too vast and there is an imminent need to address the uncertainty arising out of the digital revolution as failure to do so can make an organization absolutely obsolete. What is Digital […]
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Are we ready for Industry 4.0

Every industries and segment in today’s world need two main adaptations: Digitization and Intellgentization. With the global competition increasingly growing, the need for fast adaption is one of the ever-changing market requests. Industry 4.0 is a promising approach based on the integration of technology and value. The applications of the general concepts on Industrial 4.0 […]
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Production dynamic shifts management is now made easy

In industrial sector, every operations work on predefined schedules which is called as shift. A project planning often considers the shift information and decide the phases of projects and its completion time. The shift timings generally cover production time, break time, scheduled maintenance time etc. In smart factory manufacturing system, it connects all the aspects […]
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Reduce failures of RO water system by installing NEERO – A remote monitoring and predictive maintenance system

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is one of the most important ways of purifying water and making it safe for drinking. This purification method has been practiced for many years now. Initially it was intended for industrial purpose, but after seeing the effectiveness of the system in purifying water, it was then adopted for commercial and residential […]
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