Accelerator Program 2022
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Ramshankar C S - Chief Executive Officer - maxbyte
Why this program ?

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Goal of this Industry X.0 Intrapreneurship Accelerator Program is to transform ideas to product market fit to commercialization and customer success which solves,

  • Real world high impact challenges using industrial deep tech.
  • Create a new career path for high performing employees of Maxbyte.
Ramshankar C S
Chief Executive Officer

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Industry x.0 Intrapreneurship Accelerator Program 2022

10 Industry X.0 Ideas

As an app web crawler expert, I help organizations adjust to the expanding significance of internet promoting

IIOT for Small Medium Enterprises

Industrial digital transformation software as a service of apps for small and medium enterprises at affordable price.

Lead by

Madhusudhan Gopalan

Upskill For Career Growth In Industry 4.0

Upskilling for Industrial Professionals through championship program & students PG certificate program.

Lead by

Revathy Jayakumar

Industrial Driverless Vehicle Platform

Hardware & Software platform to transform industrial vehicles into driverless autonomous vehicles.

Lead by

Gowresh Rajgopal

Data Platform for Cooling Towers/Chillers

To improve process efficiency & energy saving.

Lead by


VR (Virtual Reality) for safety

Virtual reality safety training system to interact with realistic simulations for experiential self learning.

Lead by

Gift Selvan

Digital Supplychain Marketplace

Digital supply chain marketplace platform which connects buyers, suppliers & investors.

Lead by

Lakshmanan Kannappan

AI Apps for Manufacturing

Data analytics & AI micro services apps to accelerate manufacturing digitalization.

Lead by


Additive Manufacturing As A Service

It connects buyers & contract manufacturers.

Lead by

Manikandan Nachimuthu

IIOT Software for Rapid Digital Transformation

Industrial IOT platform which helps to quickly connect, build, analyze and manage any smart connector enterprise use cases.

Lead by

Praveen Raj

Build Your Own Robots

Build your own robots for various enterprise use cases. Personalized robots help you to accomplish various tasks assigned. Improve work skills.

Lead by

Kalaivani Ramasamy

Our Team

Program Committee Members

Committee members drive the program in areas of coordinating the program, partner ecosystem management. financial investment , marketing anf branding aspects.

Sarith chandran


Working as a program coordinator for Maxbyte accelerator program


Partner Ecosystem Manager

Working as an partner ecosystem manager for Maxbyte accelerator program

Sinju Babu


Working as an investment banking manager for Maxbyte accelerator program


Communication Planning & Marketing

Working as an communication planning & marketing manager for Maxbyte accelerator program
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