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In industrial sector, every operations work on predefined schedules which is called as shift. A project planning often considers the shift information and decide the phases of projects and its completion time. The shift timings generally cover production time, break time, scheduled maintenance time etc. In smart factory manufacturing system, it connects all the aspects of industry which leads to fully connected and flexible system.

Why dynamic shift selections?

The changing environment of manufacturing industries demands to work in flexible manufacturing and shifts changes now and then. The conventional industries currently face a problem to manage changing shifts and tackle the shift related data. Also, it often fails to effectively communicate the shift changes across the industry which ultimately results to lead time in project planning and decrease in productivity. In some cases, production could not be stopped during break time which remains not captured in the conventional manufacturing systems.

Smart shift management to improve productivity

In smart factory, the processes in the industry are controlled and managed in connected environment. The production related data are effectively captured and are used for arriving KPIs and other related parameters with IIoT. For this, IIoT solutions offers configuration of shifts based on the industrial demands. The IIoT solutions should allow selecting shifts for the entire factory to selecting shifts for each machines in the factory and communicates to across the factory. The break time should also effectively managed in this system. For example, if production is continued for a particular machine in a shop floor, the corresponding data is to be captured without any data losses.

How shift configuration works in smart environment?

The shift timings data are directly connected to all the manufacturing processes in the industry, which offers change in machine working schedules directly. The shop managers could select the shifts for the machine in advance by pre-selecting date and time of the shift which is captured in the system. With pre selection, it gets registered that the machine should run in that timings only. The registered shift could also be changed at any time according to the varying production demands. With connected system, the shift changes are notified through emails, SMSs and other visual displays which offers clarity of information.

The smart and effective shift management improves the productivity as well as solve project time management related problems in the industry. With implementation of shift configuration, it results in an upward shift in productivity range. The change in productivity range based on shift changes can be observed through data analytics.

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