Industry 4.0 Discovery Program

Accelerate & Scale Your Digitization for Productivity, Flexibility and Sustainability

See how Maxbyte Digital Manufacturing Discovery Program can help you to accelerate and sale digital!

Digital Manufacturing Discovery Program

As a first stage of the Maxbyte Industry 4.0 Accelerator, we help manufacturers to build the important three pillars which becomes the foundation for their successful Industry 4.0 transformation

Strategize Industry 4.0 Transformation

Industry 4.0 maturity index & roadmap, Technology platform evaluation, Program management & deployment approach, Financial business case for roadmap. Learn More

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Experience Industrial Digitization Proof of Value

byteFACTORY trial on digital manufacturing use cases help manufacturers to get experience, embrace proof of value and accelerate digital transformation. Learn More

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Up-skill to Get Ready for Digital Transformation

Industrial Digitization Learning Program – A complete structured online learning package covering courses for all job levels in manufacturing companies. Learn More

Btw, you are not the first to take our Discovery program!

Maxbyte Industry 4.0 Accelerator Program helps the Manufacturer to proactively target the manufacturing operations to be visible, transparent, predictable and autonomous with ready to deploy analytics apps and edge devices based on the Manufacturer’s enterprise strategic vision toward digital.

Time to Market

Faurecia improving engineering efficiency for faster time to market using the program

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Operational Cost Savings

Blue Star reducing operational costs by digital OEE, maintenance and energy management using the program

3 (1)

Automotive Axles improving productivity in high variance assembly line using the program


Aspiration Energy introduced and managing Heat-as-a-Service for a predictable revenue using byteSERVICE

About Maxbyte

Our Goal: Ensuring the enterprise is successful in Industry 4.0.

Maxbyte enable intelligent industries. Our Products and Services make smart connected engineering, manufacturing and services to improve productivity, improve quality, reduce cost, reduce energy and help to move towards new business models.

Currently we are transforming 35+ leading manufacturing companies into Industry 4.0 across globe in various industries like automobile, consumer appliance, renewable, industrial products, pharma and machine tools.


3 Activities to discover your digital manufacturing in 30 days

How digital is your manufacturing?

Are you a Novice or Digital Champion?
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