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Current Industrial IOT Situation

Right now, 15% of manufacturers are invested in IIoT / Industry 4.0 Technology. They are mainly large production and process facilities with large amounts of automation. In the next five years, that 15% is expected to grow to 65%. Experts say those who most quickly exploit IIoT / Industry 4.0 technology will receive the greatest benefit. But it can bring with it a whole host of challenges, questions, and uncertainty, specifically:


How & what would be the ROI on Industry 4.0 initiatives


Too many Sensors to Software to Analytics to AR platforms and generic


Required expert team to assess, configure, integrate and manage IIoT


IIoT environment uptime should be 100% to ensure data accuracy for downstream analytics applications

Accelerate your Industry 4.0 journey regardless of where you are on your transformation roadmap

Maxbyte Customer Success Service offering helps organizations to transform products, processes, and business digitally with disruptive innovations and business models through

Advisory Services
IIoT System Integration Services
Advanced Industrial Data Science Services
Intelligent Product Lifecycle Services
Edge Device & Computing Development Services
Immersive Technology Services (AR, VR, MR)
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End to End IIoT Practice:
Edge Devices, Connectivity, Apps, Cloud, Analytics, AR

One Stop Shop for IIOT Implementation Needs

Validated Digital Transformation Journey Approach

Flexible and Innovative Business Models

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