Industrial IoT End-to-End Solutions With PTC ThingWorx

Empowering Industries with Proven IIoT Excellence – Seamlessly Connect, Rapidly Develop, and Easily Customize Solutions for Diverse Business Landscapes

About PTC & maxbyte

maxbyte and PTC offer a combined IIoT technology stack with the integrated architecture of the byteFACTORY and the ThingWorx IIoT application enablement platform allowing developers to connect and control heterogeneous devices and systems, develop applications cost-effectively and rapidly for complex IT landscapes and quickly and easily adjust solutions to the specific needs of individual companies and sectors

Our Impact to Industries

OEE Improvment
Energy Saving
Downtime Reduction

Our Transformation

Assets Connected
Global Manufacturing Companies Transfromation
Pre Built Micro Services Analytics on PTC Thingworx

Our Offering

byteFACTORY & ThingWorx Digital Manufacturing Suite of Apps

ThingWorx Reselling

ThingWorx IIoT System Integration

OT-IT Integration with Kepware

Elevate Dgital Transformation

Upcoming Events and Newsletters

Maxbyte PTC Partner upcoming event

We’re excited to announce that PTC is Silver Level sponsor for the upcoming Device Authority Virtual Summit: “Zero Trust in the Era of AI”.

PTC LiveWorx 2025

Join thousands of technologists at PTC’s premier annual event dedicated to digital transformation for the industrial enterprise. Learn how you can create enterprise value, empower greater worker productivity, and make the world a better place through advanced technology.

Maxbyte PTC Partner upcoming event

PDSVISION invites you for networking and expert discussions on how digital transformation empowers industrial organizations.

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