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Extended New Office Space Opening

Extended New Office Space Opening The Honourable Dr. K. Prakasan, Principal at PSG College of Technology, yesterday 2nd May 2022 inaugurated with best wishes for the Maxbyte Technologies Industry X.0 Intrapreneurship Accelerator Program and Extended New Office Space in two location at Maxbyte’s Digital Technology Centre and Advanced Robotics Centre at Coimbatore.
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Welcome Onboard Karthikeyan

Welcome Onboard e are glad to onboard Karthik keyan as Product Director, Robotics & Automation at MARC Maxbyte Technologies. His 17 years of mechatronics, control systems and machine tools experience in developing and managing industrial process automation and team capability building will add value for Maxbyte MARC products and services quality and innovation. We thank and highly appreciate his […]
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Meeting our Senior Business Consultant

Today, we are glad to host Mr A.N. CHANDRAMOULI (Mouli) a senior management consulting professional with 4 decades of industrial engineering contribution to industries and society. He experienced Maxbyte Technologies end to end industry X.0 capabilities at our Coimbatore state of art facility. His thought leadership on industrial digital transformation and advices to our team are insightful.
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Inventory Management Using Drone

Inventory Management: It is the process of ordering, storing and maintaining an inventory of multiple goods and products. This includes the management of raw materials, components, and finished products. Drones are one of the aptest modern technology resources for assisting in tedious labor-intensive inspections and surveillance operations in warehouses. Drones are also used for intralogistics […]
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Welcome Onboard Praveen Arunachalam

Welcome Onboard We are glad to onboard Praveen Arunachalam as Senior Business Development Manager (Global New Accounts) at Maxbyte Technologies. His 15 years of industrial automation and digital experience in developing and managing business, sales and marketing for across various manufacturing industries will add value for Maxbyte growth. Congratulations and all the very best for his new role.
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Best Performers of fiscal year FY21-22

Best Performers of fiscal year FY21-22  We Maxbyte Technologies gifted EV Scooters & iPhone 13 and expressed our gratitude to the Best Performers of fiscal year FY21-22 for their outstanding contribution, hard work and making real difference in the Maxbyte industry 4.0 transformation technologies development, delivery, customer success and business development. The award winners are Sarumadhavan Parameswaran Anoop Gopakumar Praveen […]
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Life at Maxbyte

Together we grow! When I look back 2020 to 2022 till now, during covid tough times we were able to successfully form Maxbyte Technologies UAE cross functional team gradually to 20 people for products, services, and business support to our industrial customers digital transformation in MEA region customers and partners. Thanks to Khali Alaudeen our […]
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